Admission to the program is highly competitive. A Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in CS or a closely related field from a top-tier institution of higher education is required. Applicants should have an outstanding academic record (at or near the top of their class), proficiency in spoken and written English, and strong letters of recommendation from their past academic advisors or work supervisors. Prior research experience is welcome but not required.

Application Procedure

Applications are accepted beginning September 1st through the online application system. You will need to provide the following material:

  • CV
  • transcripts
  • statement of purpose
  • contact information of at least two references providing recommendations
  • English test scores (TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge Test) are required unless you are a native speaker or have received a significant part of your education in English.
  • GRE scores are encouraged

You need to submit a complete application before we can process it. (The website displays missing fields in red.) Completed applications can be updated subsequently, e.g. to add an additional reference. We request references only for those applicants that pass a first round of review, i.e., we do not request references automatically.

Application Deadline

Applications for Fall admission must be completed by December 31 of the previous year. Phone or Skype interviews may be conducted with candidates short-listed for admission.