Do students receive financial aid?
All doctoral positions are fully funded, including social benefits. Students also receive funding to attend conferences and other events related to their research, and have access to outstanding facilities.

Do I need to know English?
Yes, English is the program’s working language. Test scores are strongly encouraged for the application unless you are a native speaker or have completed a significant part of your prior studies in English.

Do I need to know German?
No, knowledge of German is not required, but you have the option of taking free German language courses during your graduate studies.

How long does a doctoral program usually take?
Graduate studies in the CS@max planck program usually last for 4-5 years.

Can students travel to conferences/summer schools?
CS@max planck provides funding for travel, and students regularly attend conferences or summer schools related to their research.

Can students go on research/industry internships?
Yes, internships are encouraged.

When can I start?
Graduate students normally begin their studies in early September. However, students may be able to start their research early, if agreed upon by student and initial advisor.

Do I get a degree from an MPI?
MPIs are not degree-granting institutions. Students obtain a doctoral degree from one of the program’s partner universities as well as a certificate of doctoral research from CS@max planck.

Do you provide help with visa proceedings?
Admitted students from non-EU countries receive documentation to support their application for a visa.

Where will I live?
During the preparatory phase, students normally stay in Saarbrücken. They may move temporarily for research immersion labs. Once a student commits to an area and primary research advisor, they move to the city of the advisor.  The program offers assistance in locating accommodation on a best-effort basis.

Your question wasn’t answered?
For more information regarding the CS@max planck graduate program, please contact the program coordinator: csmaxplanck@cis.mpg.de